Asprovalta is located in northern Halkidiki and at the center of Strymonikos Gulf. It belongs to the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

With the construction of the Egnatia Road, the distances from the airports and ports of adjacent cities have been minimized. The city of Thessaloniki and its harbor is about 80 km away and the Airport about 90 km with 45 to 55 minutes drive respectively.

Kavala and its harbor is 70 km away and Kavala's airport is 80 km away, with 40 to 50 minutes drive respectively.

Our area attracts thousands of visitors every year. The proximity to the surrounding cities or the shops that are near make our market very satisfying. There is also nightlife as there are a lot of tavernas, restaurants, clubs and beach bars that make us an ideal holiday destination for the whole family.

You can relax by walking through the green hills above the settlement, also you can enjoy the sun at our beautiful beach.

For those who are interested in combining relaxation with education, you can easily make some trips, to the ancient Amfipoli and her museum, to the ancient Stageira Airstoteli's birthplace, to the castle of Redina which is located on a beatiful green hill which has a view of an area of incredible natural beauty the Macedonian Tempi.

Over the village at a small distance ther is the monastery of Sant George that has a view of the sea, which is over 1000 years old and Plaka is near it, where you can see the whole Strimonikos, an excellent view of an area drowned in green and blue.

Also a visit at Mount Athos (Agio Oros), which is located near the apartments, with its Byzantine Monasteries (Greek, Serbian, Russian e.t.c.) will remain unforgettable.