Welcome to the outdoor space of the building, to a magical trip to the absolute balance between creation and quality. Goofy's creperie was created at 1996 and from then until today it has acquired many fans.

With pride we can eventually say that hire you can enjoy the best crepes of the area, always based on the pure and quality materials we use, to the unique recipe of our dough and to the big variety of flavors we offer.

You can try: Sweet crepes with Nutella, Merenda, chocolate, white chocolate, Lacta, or any other unlikely combinations with nuts, banana, biscuit and ice cream. You can also try delicious savory crepes with a variety of ingredients as for example manouri, bacon, feta cheese, steak, mushrooms, corn, tomato, various salads like kipourou, tyrosalata and more. We can also offer you toast, cold sandwiches and Hot Dog.

Our experience at the food business and the quality of the ingredients we use, ensures the excellent quality of our products and combined with our affordable prices it will definitely leave you completely satisfied. Visit us to try pure, delightful experiences!